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For simultaneous translations of all languages, services businessmen. With reasonable prices and high quality and accurate delivery

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Interpretation Services

Our Professional Specialized Interpreters Provide Many Interpretations To Our Local And International Clients. Interpretation Is Already Quite Far From Any Of The Other Language Services. The Professional Interpreter Presents Years Of Experience In Dealing With Linguistic Problems And Will Have Knowledge To Fill The Gap In Many Situations And Fields Including:

  • Translation Of Conferences
  • Business / Marketing Meetings
  • General Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Media Translation

Consecutive Translation :

In Consecutive Translation, The Interpreter Speaks Immediately After The Speaker Finishes Speaking. The Conversation Is Divided Into Parts When The Speaker Is Finished Talking; Then The Translator Translates The Entire Message Into The Target Language. To Understand A Language, The Translator Must Understand The Culture Of The Same. We, In Sultan Al Baqami Translation Office, Assign The Task To The Suitable Translator Who Has The Right Knowledge In That Particular Field And Has The Ability To Convey The Nuances Of The Dialogue Quickly And Accurately.

Interpretation :

The Interpreter Sits In A Soundproofed Room And Translates The Message Into The Target Language As Quickly As Possible With Its Wording From The Source Language. The Interpreter Speaks In Headphone So That Listeners Can Hear The Language Clearly Through The Headphones. Our Highly Skilled And Experienced Translators Provide A Free And Sound Means Of Oral Communication. With Us, You Can Count On An Experienced Group Of Interpreters In Conferences Or Seminars.

Required Information:

You Shall Provide Us With Documents And Reference Materials That Will Be Used For Interpreting. Interpreters Should Have The Same Information As Those Sent To Delegations Or Participants. In Addition, Presentations Or PowerPoint Documents Which Will Be Distributed During The Meeting, Especially Those That Will Be Discussed, Should Be Available To Us Before Discussing The Same. Our Interpreters Will Study The Topic Before The Conference As Well As Prepare A Glossary For The Conference Accordingly.


Certified Translation Department For All Lang

It Is One Of The Certified Translation Offices Of All Languages ​​In The World And Certified By The Ministry Of Commerce And Industry, The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs In Saudi Arabia As Well As Inside And Outside The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

The Offices Policy Is Based On A Unique And True Commitment To Provide The Best Translation Services For Individuals And Companies To Be Delivered On Time. We Provide Translation Services In More Than 50 Languages. Our Services Are Defined As High Quality Standards Services. Our Office Provides Services 24-Hour A Day, Including Project Management And Applications, Ensuring The Highest Quality Translation Standards At Very Competitive Prices. We Have A Specialized Team Of Qualified Translators, Proofreaders And Auditors. Our Customers Always Have High Accuracy In Our Services And Delivery On Time As Well As At The Appropriate Prices As Available In The Market At The Moment. To Guarantee Customer Satisfaction, We Ensure That Your Business Is In Good Hands! As We Have A Team Of Certified Translators Who Are Qualified To Provide Translations In The Legal, Military, Financial, Technical, Commercial And Websites Translation – Each According To His Specialization. Since We Are Different From Many Other Translation Companies, We Strongly Urge Our Accredited Translators To Ensure That They Have A Wide Background In Their Specific Knowledge Range And That They Are Able To Deal With Vocabulary, Grammatical Structures And Subject Matter Related To Their Specialty.

We Know That The Basis For Providing Professional Certified Translation Depends On The Expertise And Efficiency Of Our Professional Translators. We Have A Team Of Specialized Translators Who Have Competence In Their Domain And Who Translate Into Their Mother Tongue.

We Understand That It Is Not Only About The Accuracy Of The Word Translation, But Also The Cultural Localization Which Can Only Be Conveyed By Native Speakers Of The Experienced Language.

All Translators In Our Team Have A Degree In Language From A Long-Standing University In Their Target Language And In Many Languages ​​Such As English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Urdu, Hindi, Turkish And Many Other Languages.


Text Auditing

Our Experienced And Trusted Auditors Prepare Documents Using The “Track Changes” Option In Microsoft Word. This Option Allows You To Easily Move Between Changes And Accept Any Or All Modifications That Are Suggested By The Auditor. Corrections, Suggestions, And Comments Appear In The Margins And Are Easily Incorporated Into The Document.


Video And Audio Files Translation

Our Translation Services Are Not Limited To Printed Materials; We Provide Accurate And Timely Translation Of Audio And Video Files. We Can Provide Subtitles For Reports, Documents, Presentations, Educational Videos And So On.

For Each Audio Or Video Translation Project, At Least Two Native Speakers Are Assigned. If The Registration Or Presentation Is Related To One Of The Specialized Domain, For Example The Medical, Legal, Marketing Or Technical Domain, The Translators Will Have A Deep Knowledge Of The Relevant Terms. If Your Audio Or Visual Project Is Innovative, You May Also Be Interested In Our Literary Translation Services.


Projects Translation

Projects Translation Services Are Performed By Experienced Translators. Your Important Translation Documents, Such As Translation Of Academic Projects, Translation Of EU Projects, Translation Of Historical Projects, Translation Of Engineering Projects And Translation Of Chemistry Projects, Are In Progress As Soon As You Complete The Translation Request. As Well As Translation Services Specialized Projects And Translation Of Visualizations And Translation Of Graduation Projects You Can Easily Get All Kinds Of Project Translation Quickly And With High Quality And At Low And Reasonable Prices


Website Translation

We Provide Comprehensive Translation Services For All Websites, Not Only Direct Translations Of The Main Texts. We Create Translation Documents From The Original Site Materials That Are Suitable For Website Designers And Programmers Later.

Through These Documents, Our Specialized Translators Translate The Entire Site, While We Always Return To The Original Site To Maintain The Correct Purpose And Context. Because We See Your Site As A Whole, We Also Take Care Of The Components That Are Often Overlooked Such As Inquiry Forms, Contact Pages, Terms And Conditions, And Page Names.


General Translation Into All Languages In The

Whether Your Document Contains A Small Or Large Number Of Papers, We Can Provide You With A Quick And Accurate Translation Made By A Qualified Native Speaker Into The Target Language. Public Translations Can Be In Any Format, Including Documents, Reports, And Articles For Translation, Which Include A Specific Domain Of Work (For Example, Legal Or Technical Documents).


Legal Translation

Our Legal Translators Have Experience In Many Different Legal Disciplines And Can Successfully Assist You In Overcoming The Difficulties Of All Types Of Legal Documents. We Provide Translations Of All Types Of Official Documents, Including Birth And Death Certificates, Marriage Contracts, Wills, Contracts, Leases, Court Documents, Patent Applications, Etc. We Understand The Importance Of The Accuracy Of Translating Legal Documents. Therefore, Our Legal Translators Have A Good Knowledge Of The Legal Terms In Their Mother Tongue As They Have Worked And Have Been Trained In Legal Courses Or Obtained Specialized Training In Legal Translation.


Technical Translation

We Specialize In Translating The Most Complex Technical Documents. Our Scope Of Expertise Includes Booklets, Books, Contracts, Presentations, Specifications And Descriptions Of Devices, Data Sheets, Scientific Researches And Medical Documents. We Have The Ability To Translate In Any Language As We Have Access To Thousands Of Professional Translators. When Sending Your Project To Us, A Professional Translator Is Assigned With Professional Experience To The Technical Terms Of Your Industry.

Translation Of Marketing Materials Translations Are Available In All Major Languages ​​And Will Use The Level Of Language That You Expect From Professional Marketers In The Target Language.


Medical Translation

When Translating Medical Documents, It Is Important That The Translation Is Completed Accurately, Quickly And Fully Understood By Medical Professionals Who Will Rely On The Same. In General, Medical And Pharmaceutical Texts Are Difficult To Be Understood In The Source Language Because There Are Some Special Terminology, So It Is Essential That The Final Translation Is Not Only Sound In Respect Of Technical And Style Aspect But Also More Important To Be Clear To The Native Speaker.

Use The Bidding System To Get An Estimated Price For Your Medical Translation Project


Literary Translation

Literary Translation Is Not Only About Providing A Literal Translation Of The Original Text, But It Is Rather An Attempt To Convey The Original Message Of The Author And To Evoke The Same Formula And Sense Of The Original Story Of The Foreign Listener. In Addition To The Deep Knowledge Of Foreign Languages ​​And The Cultures Involved, Literary Translators Are Often Also Innovative Writers And Literary Professionals.

Literary Translators Translate Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Poetic Poems And Certain Others; Including Both Traditional (Classical) And Contemporary Works.